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Best Dress Ever

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I have always loved T-shirt dress and until I bought my #Jenome #CoverStitch machine I would not attempt to sew jersey or stretch materials. I have had this material for years, but always to scared to sew with it as I knew I did not have the skills and would be very disappointed.

This is also about my 3rd or 4th try at pattern drafting and this ended up coming out perfect.

I first start with a t-shirt that i liked the fit of. The key is to ensure you record the amount of stretch your original item has to ensure the fabric you will use for your project will have similar characteristics. I used the t-shirt that I repaired in my previous blog for the template for this dress.

I used both my #coverstitch machine and my #serger to create this dress using wooly nylon in the lower loopier of the cover stitch

Here you can see how i just extended the t-shirt pattern to a dress (I did write down the length on the pattern so I could make it again) . The back fit perfect, as well I was very happy with the shoulder and collar.

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