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Fun Funky 60's Floral

Its been a bit since my last post. Reason thankfully even with #covid19 I am still gainfully employed. So to ensure I keep up with my work load and keeping the company successful I have been working some over time hours. No biggy you need to do what you need to do to survive now a days.

Prior to realizing how this #lockdown period was going to be and after watching way too many #youtube video's I though let me challenge my self to make 5 new tops for the office. Big funny I didn't realize that 1. we would not be returning to the office for months that 2. the work attire would change so much. #Casualdress is now a whole new language and is something I have to get used too. Born in the 70's and highly influenced by my Grandmother I was always told you need to dress properly when out in public (no way could i wear track pants to work). If she could only see me now.

I have been holding on to this fabric for probably 20 years now. I loved the colours and the pattern.

And as a person of colour I feel I can wear just about any colour out there. With the exception of browns (I look naked) and Neon (I feel like i am glowing).

You can see that I have had this fabric so long there is a permanent crease in it, maybe another few more washes and it will disappear. I am still having problems taking quick photos of my work. So not a photogenic person

Here you can see the inspiration tank. Loved the cut and fit of this tank. Purchased from a great French Canadian store called Simons there #twik line is quiet affordable using alot of #recycled content.

Really I wanted to see if could even make a copy of this. I feel that it came out great. the only issue was working with a slippery light weight fabric which I have not done in years and forgetting that it likes to move a lot when you cut and sew it made my top a little tighter in the bust line than I would have liked. I think the next time i make this I want to length it and create a dress. I think it will make a very comfortable dress for a summer BBQ.

The back of this top is my favorite part. It falls very nicely between my shoulder blades making is super comfortable.

But you do have to watch how you wear it as this fabric does not drape as well as the inspiration fabric and I find it tents more than I would like.

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