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HTV - What happens when your cutter cuts through the carrier sheet

Well here is a lesson... always test your cuts with your #cricut. I have an issue with rushing into things (probably part of being a gear head). So I decided to create a complex logo for my first run at using HVT on my cricut. #Michaels had a great sale on #siser HVT so I said why not lets do this

Inserted the logo into the design space added some text, welded the whole image and mirrored it cut and then went uh oh.

So I set it a side to think about how I was going to salvage the design

And it came to me I grabbed a roll of painter's tape taped up the back of the image (ensuring that the bond between the painters tape and the back of the HTV was solid).

I did cut it away from the main body of vinyl so that i could work on it a little easier. You can see on the right that some of the carrier sheet was left behind on the mat. But that didn't matter as i knew that this might happen.

Here you can see I cut some of the excess carrier sheet to place over the letters that form the work "construction" as well to hold the C & 2 together. Obviously this was done prior to removing the painters tape (which was a little tedious but i was super happy wit the results.

After this it was just as simple as follow the instructions by the manufacturer for application.

Complete yeah. I did choose to put the logo on the back of the t-shirt just in case it did not work I did not loose a perfectly good t-shirt

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