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Quick easy way to shorten a jacket sleeve!

Even through I am an avid sewer I was still very scared to shorten my own lined jackets. Seriously I would actually tuck them up or pay a professional tailor to raise the sleeve. About 2 years ago I thought I would take a look on line to see if there were any videos on line. I was shocked to see there was not. I thought wow serious trade secrets going on!!

Fast forward 2 years and 1 pandemic, I did manage to read a few written documents I though let me try, but before I did decided to try again. Well low and behold now there are videos. So I found one by Ageberry, she was very clear in her instructions and explained each step clearly.

So Starting try on the jacket and mark off your your new hem line. Note ensure that you check the length on both sleeves. Remember we are not symmetrical.

Once you have marked off now is the fun part. You need to turn them inside out and slice open the lining. Now you will find one sleeve already has a seem that is how the manufacture were able to turn the jacket right side out after sewing the lining. This blew my mind lets be honest how often do turn your jacket inside out.

Ageberry noted you can just used this area and turn your jacket inside out to shorten the sleeve. This I didn't bother to attempt I just cut open the seam of the other sleeve.

Once you open the seam go in and grab the sleeve out so that you can access the cuff. Here you will find several tack stiches to help hold the cuff in place. You may or may not have interface or you will find in my case that you will need to add. Go ahead and do what you feel is best (Of course i choose to skip this).

Once this is done you can then use a seam ripper to remove your lining I did not I cut mine off. As I have to make it shorter why would I waste my time.

A good type from Ageberry was to match the seams (lining to fashion fabric) the right way (so put the sleeve back together) pin and turn inside out. Once you go that all done pull your sleeve back to the right side, give it a quick press and then I went back in and hand tacked the hem in to place. Close up the lining and tah dah we were done!

Yes perhaps a little wavy but I am super happy with it. I did time my self to see if I could justify the cost at a tailor. Once jacket took me 40 mims, I did do 3 jackets that day (yes I was hoarding jackets that needed to be fixed) I would assume a professional tailor can do this so much faster but basically, if you can do it your self its worth paying some one to do it. For me I am satisfied with my results and will continue to do it my self. Lets be honest with COVID you really have no choices its either wait till we open up or do it your self . I would recommend you check out Ageberry's youtube channel.

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