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Super Munny

Its been few years since i designed a Munny. The cool thing is my brother asked me to make him one to go with his watch. I was happy he asked.

The sketching went a lot faster than I though it would and I was happy with the result. Hint us a compass (I still have my good Staedtler Compass set for drafting) to help position symmetrical items like the eyes.

Painting was not as fun as I remembered it. I made the mistake of using an acrylic paint that was a little too liquid way to transparent and the amount of coats made it messy. But i had a good way to hide it.

I used a metallic grey to create definition in his hair line, I had to give him a little blue tail. Bellow is how i fixed my paint issue (the blue)

I knew I would make a cape i just was not sure how it would work as the fabric i had was very stiff. I did make a mock up first to fit the cape as well where to position the "S" on the back. That was a lot more research than I expected and found out yes it was yellow and just out lined. Not to box up and give to my brother to hold his watch. #kidrobot #munny #rolex #pepsi

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