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The price got me again

So you may realize that I love a good deal as such I do a lot of outlet shopping. There are issues with this.

  1. you tend to buy things some times cause the price is to good

  2. you don't try things on

  3. you have to be careful about damages.

As you saw in an earlier post point 3 got me but I was able to over come it. This time point 2 got me. I did not try on this skirt that I had been eyeing for a while and when it final went to clearance i just garbed it in what I though was my size. What i have come to realize is that you really need to read the label, had I read the label I would have noticed it noted "High waist cut" which means I should have gone up one size (in hinds sight there probably wasn't a larger size so I most likely would have bought it anyways).

When i finally tired to wear the skirt I was shocked to see i couldn't even breath I looked the label and was like nooo. Note the other danger of outlet shopping "FINAL SALE" so damn I am stuck with it now, left it defeated on a shelf in my closet. Then you can guess what happened a few months later .. you guessed it #COVID! Finding I had a little time on my hands I decided I would take another look at it and realized "hey if I take the waist band off this might be a lot more comfortable. With nothing left to loose i tried it.

Here you can see, that with out the tag you would never realize it was a high waist skirt. Love the pattern and I really wish I had taken photos of the back which is wear I took my inspiration for the colour of the bias binding.

To the right side photo you can see how the simple removal of the waist band as well as lowering the waist line really allowed the skirt to fit comfortably. The pop of read in the #biasbinding worked well. This ironically is the same fabric i used to make the #superman, #munny in an earlier post (as you can see I don't necessarily post in chronological order) as well was used years ago to make a Halloween costume #sailormars from #sailormoon #anime series from way back. Here paired it with a simple white t-shirt from #dynamite

Here is bit more of a blow up. Since by removing the waist band you loose the button closure used to secure the top of the skirt and put far less stress on your zipper teeth. I added a simple hook and eye to secure the waist. I prefer the hook and eye has it puts less bulk into the garment and keeping your waist line looking slim.

What you can take away from this is the same way I deal with things in the office. There is always a solution, you may not know right now what it is but it will come to you, and when it does act on it.

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