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Where it started again .....

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

So you may wonder why after so many years would i start sewing again... well a stain. This was one of my favorite tops and I some how got a stain on the ruffle. I suspect it was balsamic vinegar that I didn't realize that was on there and washed and then it became one. So I was going to toss it but felt bad.

After watching a few YouTube video's I was like right i can do this. So grabbed my fabric hoard from when I was 16 (yes I kept it) and found the prefect fabric snake skin print. Again doing watching a few more video's it was confirmed I would have to do chiffon hem.

Things I learned on this project that I did not know before

  1. how to gather using a basting stitch (mind blowing)

  2. making a chiffon hem I had always wanted to hem delicate fabric in this way but i always believed it was the wrong way of creating a hem (cheating) I did not realized there was nothing wrong with it

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