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A Sweater to short but not short enough

Ever had your favorite sweater dress one day shrink into a long tunic but it was just not long enough to wear with leggings... Well that happens to me all the time.

While watching Youtube sewing videos I cam across a channel called Sew Anastasia where she was altering a long thrifted sweater. Thus inspiring me to alter this really cute sweater dress I have had for years and managed to shrink it into a sweater.

As you can see its way to short to be a dress any more, and too long to wear with leggings (at least if you are 4'-11"). So why not alter it. (clearly it needed to lint roll the top prior to photographing)

Finding the right height

Once I found the height that worked for myself, pinned and went to the machine. Note if you are taking up as much as I did you may need to adjust your waist band making it smaller (just simply serge together)

Above you can see the 1/2" seam allowance being surged off. If you don't handle the material excessively you have less fray. Center and right are the completed altered sweater. You can still see how much this sweater did shrink as you can see the wrinkling around the armpits. I feel this went pretty well. So if you find your self in the same situation alter it.

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